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K-8th Academic Overview

Gaarde Christian School offers academics that are Christ-centered and developed to meet individual student's needs. In grades kindergarten thru 8th grade, the curriculum promotes strong academics in the fundamentals of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science as well as the opportunity to participate in music, art, and physical education.  All subjects are taught from a Bible-based perspective.  Various classroom activities and school events provide avenues for student creativity.  We emphasize critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving abilities. At the Middle School level emphasis is placed on leadership skills, effective communication, and critical thinking.  Students are being prepared for the next level of learning and attaining skills that enable them to have success as life-long learners. 

  • Kindergarten classes focus heavily on: reading, writing, math, social skills, and contain a maximum of 16 students.
  • Elementary classes (1st-5th) builds on fundamental skills in math, history, science, english, Bible, and contain a maximum of 18 students.  
  • Middle school classes (6th-8th) have specialized teachers per subject, participate in spring trips, and focus on academics as well as service, and contain a maximum of 18 students.
  • Middle school spring trips:
    6th Grade Newport, OR Science Camp
    7th Grade Missions
    8th Grade Washington, D.C. experience

Gaarde believes small and personal class sizes enhance our high-quality academic program and allow teachers to meet the needs and abilities of each student. 


Gaarde Christian School currently uses curriculum published by:

ACSI, Saxon Math, Saxon Phonics & Spelling, BJU Press, Houghton Mifflin, Scholastic, and various other publishers

Curriculum Scope 

Click Here to download the Curriculum Scope Reference Sheet


Click Here to download the K-8th Student Handbook

Supplies List

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